A unique HR software suite that keeps all employee records in a single database


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Paycom software offers HR solutions, streamlines, and automates payroll processes using a single system that makes it easier to use by employees. Its technology lets you hire a new workforce, pay employees, and allows them to have a retirement plan in place for the future. All these and many more workforce data in a single software makes it unique and efficient.

Paycom Features

Paycom’s platform features ACA reporting data to let you gather accurate information when utilizing its dashboard. You generate customizable reports, review them in multiple formats, and run predefined reports based on many topics. It lets you get a bigger picture from raw data to help you drill into details.

It runs an administration system with access to information on all benefit plans to let employees enroll through a self-service app. It updates its systems to enhance performance that relieves you on some administrative duties and saves time. It often helps when making payroll deductions, updating enrollment dates, and waiting periods.

The systems allow for employee self-service in making specific HR transactions and managing payrolls for an engaging experience. It also streamlines open enrollment and assigns consistent compliance training in many locations. It eases the administrative burden by auto-routing questions to company representatives who are fit to answer them on its web portal and mobile app.

The automated payroll management system lets you pay taxes and employee salaries on time. It also helps mitigate company responsibilities of payroll taxes to maintain good employee morale for the success of a business. It lets you file payroll tax after helping in debiting and depositing them before or on their due date.

Its talent acquisition analytics helps you make informed decisions before hiring new staff members to replace retired ones. It also lets you check on open or filled positions and the progress of an application during the hiring process. It works together with the time and labor analytics to utilize time spent at and off work.


  • Offers user-friendly employee services to let you see all details of employment from one system
  • It has a self-service reporting system that is easy to use with basic IT knowledge essential for easy navigation.
  • It outlines detailed information on various benefits on the site to let you locate forms, pay stubs, and schedules.
  • The array of features ensures you manage the business with ease through its web page or mobile app.
  • It uses integrated modules that function across many HR disciplines to enhance your performance.
  • It offers accurate information through its frequent updates of HR solutions and payroll processes for a piece of updated payment information.
  • The software is safe and reliable to let you store and manage data. It helps you achieve the best and organized work.


  • You risk locking access to the software when you input incorrect passwords up to four times.
  • Calculation of its benefits is not automated, which may make you find the services quite expensive.
  • It takes a lot of time to submit a punch change request because of some crucial procedures that may confuse you.

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Direct Deposit
  2. Check/W-2 Printing
  3. Check/W-2 Delivery

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Accounting Integration
  2. API / Integration
  3. Time Off Accrual
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